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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cow (Redux)

It seems my domain issues are now fixed, finally.  I preferred using Squarespace as a host.  I don't really care for Blogger... but Blogger is free.  I don't like the templates.  They all just look sloppy to me.

So, here's a larger version of the cow I sketched.  This is on Aquabord.  It's not finished and I dont know if it will be.  I'm not happy with it.  The grass looks wrong and if I put much more paint on it will probably start to flake off.  The good thing about Aquabord is that I can put it under the sink and wash all the gouache off and start over.  That's what I might do.  Or wash it off and paint something else.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Trouble With My Other Site

Until I fix it, I will be posting here.  I'm trying to get richbradish.com to point to this blogger site but I am having trouble.  For some reason I keep getting redirected to my old site which is no longer there.  It's frustrating.

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